Collingwood's Curriculum

Our Curriculum Intent and Implementation

Our curriculum is designed to meet the requirements of the National Curriculum whilst enabling all pupils to make good progress from their vastly differing starting points. Our pupils receive broad and balanced sequences of learning that progressively build on knowledge, skills and vocabulary so that pupils of all abilities achieve well. We aim to “Live our Lives with arms and minds wide open” and live by our REACH Values.

In seeking to remove any barriers to learning that might hinder or exclude pupils we:

  • Set appropriate learning outcomes.

  • Prioritise “self-challenge” and “Personal Best” with all pupils.

  • Respond to children’s diverse learning needs

  • Provide other curriculum opportunities outside of the National Curriculum particularly those which appeal to pupils’ own interests. (We ask them what they would like to learn about when starting a new topic.)

Our Approach is underpinned by:

  • Staff and Governor’s ambition that all learners will make good progress.

  • Foundational and Conceptual learning (ie learning facts and developing key skills before applying these in other contexts)

  • Focus on fluency in reading and recalling factual information in maths and spelling.

  • From their different starting points our learners need:

  • A curriculum that is interesting and enjoyable and includes pupils’ own ideas and local contexts.

  • Targeted intervention based on individual learner’s needs.

  • A range of active learning experiences in and outside school.

  • A “Growth mindset.”

  • Intentionally planned speech and language development including development of a rich and broad vocabulary.

  • Intentionally planned opportunities to enjoy listening to stories.

  • Parent engagement in learning.

  • Regular Opportunities for all pupils to be leaders and take on responsibilities.

Collingwood’s Curriculum Policy and School Aims, can be found on the policies page of this website. An overview of what is being taught this term to each year group can be found on the each Class Page on this website and guidance on more personalised learning can be found in your child's own "Supporting Learning Book" which should be kept in their book bag.