How we teach Maths

At Collingwood we follow the White Rose Maths scheme of learning, teaching across three terms in blocks to deepen understanding. Teachers draw on a range of resources to create the best possible learning environment for pupils, moving the children from the stages of concrete to pictorial then abstract. Consolidation weeks are built into each term to revisit outcomes that have been identified as needing further development.

Fluency in maths is a priority; 10 Minute Maths, FAST maths and recall of timestables and numberbonds take place throughout the week to develop recall of mathematical facts and allow children to see links in their learning, e.g. the relationships between the 2x, 4x and 8x multiplication tables.

Reasoning is part of every lesson. ‘Prove it’ boards, enable children to verbalise and discuss their understanding. Children are taught to ‘explore’, maths, ‘clarify then ‘apply" their mathematical skills. We use Times Tables Rockstars and other online subscriptions to support learning at home and at school. Ask your child what their current ‘Rock Star’ status is!

More personalised assessments can be found in your child’s "Supporting Learning Book" which should be kept in their book bag.


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